Reedy Pulls No Punches After Sweeping ACHES

One of North America's best has fallen to a European squad.

The European region is not playing around anymore, and it just dealt a gut punch to one of the most outspoken North American players.

Led by Jordan “Reedy” Reed, Elevate took down Cloud9 and Patrick “ACHES” Price 3-0 in a series that included a crucial Round 11 Search and Destroy win on Retaliation.

After taking down what some considered to be the top team in Group C, Reedy was “not surprised at all” that his side swept Cloud9.

“We just went into the game with clear minds,” Reedy said. “I said a week ago in London that I was going to win.”

When answering a question on stream about the tension between himself and ACHES, Reedy simply said that “there’s no rivalry. He’s just not good enough.”

And while he has “a lot of respect” for the other three members of Cloud9, Reedy is still very clear that he does not think ACHES is in the right place to be talking trash.

“He’s got really good teammates around him,” Reedy said. “ACHES is past it. He’s not good. I don’t know why he continues to talk trash. He got blessed with good teammates his whole career.”

Speaking more on the event itself, Reedy was happy to not be running through the open bracket like he and his team did in Las Vegas, and factors that into the success of not only his side, but the rest of the EU teams in Atlanta.

“Any player that has played in the open bracket and made it into pool play will tell you it’s the most straining thing you will do in your life,” Reedy said. “It sounds pathetic because we play video games, but having to try 200% against everyone takes your toll on you.”

With Elevate taking this 3-0 sweep and bouncing back from losing in Game Five to Team 3G, Reedy says the rest of the way should be smooth sailing if they do not face another EU team.

“Coming into this group, we knew that 3G would be our hardest game,” Reedy said. “We played them in London and it’s another EU team. Personally, I hate EU teams because it’s one big counter-fest. I’m confident going into the rest of the group, and we need to just play our game.”

Elevate will play Luminosity Gaming to close out their play on Friday, and face an open bracket team before heading into bracket play.

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.