PUBG Mobile promises to crack down hackers, give 10-year bans to offenders

Hackers are on notice.

Image via Tencent

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Complaints about hackers in PUBG Mobile is on the rise. Many popular PUBG Mobile YouTubers including Levinho, Rowdy Gaming, and Ron Gaming have uploaded videos of them encountering hackers in the game.

The comment sections on the official Instagram and Twitter accounts of the game are littered with people complaining about the recent rise of hackers.

PUBG Mobile is aware of the problem. The developers released an official notice addressing the problem in the game yesterday. The notice says that cheaters “compromise the integrity of the rules” and are “detrimental to the PUBG Mobile experience.”

Players who are cheating will receive a 10-year ban, the notice said. It also encouraged players to use the in-game reporting system to bring forward cases of hacking. Tencent promised that all reports will be investigated and players will be reported of any findings. In addition to the 10-year ban, the IDs of the hackers will be published in order to make PUBG Mobile a better game.

The notice has also sparked some confusion in the community. It says that players using any unauthorized third party apps to assist their PUBG Mobile experience can also receive a ban. Many people who use GFX Tools, an app that helps to change the graphics settings include the FPS in PUBG Mobile according to the player’s mobile specification, are in a dilemma, wondering if they may get banned for using the tool. It might be best for players to avoid use the tool until after it’s confirmed whether it’s an authorized third party graphics modification app. The notice also published a short list of players who have been banned for 10 years for cheating in PUBG Mobile.