Pre-Season: Gameplay Systems Update

New changes coming to the rift in the upcoming pre-season can be found here.

It is that time of year again and Riot Games has been quick to tease us about the upcoming pre-season changes. Here they have written out the changes in great detail, but for the sake of “too long, didn’t read,” we are going to give you the biggest points in bite-size chunks.

The popular belief is that the jungle will be Riot’s main focus on how to shape up the gaming experience, so things don’t feel as linear as before, giving junglers more to interact with.


Plants are a way to give junglers alternative uses to smite, maybe even an instant smite; something which will allow junglers to hold onto smites less then often. 


Riot is introducing more varience into making multiple jungle paths and not a singular one.


Riot is also improving recent changes by filling in gaps to make masteries more meaningful. Instead of it being optimal, this will give players the masteries that they want and can feel are perfect, not sub-par.

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