Playbase.GG offers an instant solution to organizing simple and cost-effective competitive gaming platforms

An easy way to organize competitions, interact with your community, and more.

Image via Playbase

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The number of tournaments being run across all gaming platforms continues to grow every year, leading tournament organizers to look for the most efficient ways to put together, host, and run their competitions. 

Playbase.GG is working to be the instant solution for those TOs, offering a simple and cost effective way to host competitive gaming platforms, with easy to use tools that will save you on resources and grant you cool features.

As a product, Playbase.GG aims to let TOs build out the platform they want, whether it be hosting tournaments or leagues, by giving them everything they would need to micromanage their community and enable a competitive environment. 

“We want to make the process of creating an Esports platform instant, 100 times cheaper, and available to everyone,” Playbase.GG founder and CEO Boris Batocanin said. “We want to be a modern day custom solution to anybody in dire need of a way to instantly host competitions at a reasonable price point.”

When using Playbase.GG, players can individually register with their own accounts that will have a player profile housing all data generated by them on the platform. 

Tools are in place that will let you engage with your community, host tournaments, organize leagues, and more, including options like premium memberships and internal merch sales that will offer your playerbase ways to directly support you. This will let Playbase.GG customers independently grow their platform and brand with fewer limitations than other service providers.

The Playbase.GG team is hard at work on the platform, with a planned release date set for Q4, including an MVP release in November that more than 100 users are already signed up for. 

Image via Playbase.GG

In the lead up to the product’s launch, you can sign up for access to the early bird program, news updates, and other lifetime perks like discounts for the Playbase.GG ecosystem. You can also join the platform’s Discord community to interact with the developers and other TOs. 

The product is being developed by Ragebite, a studio with more than five years of experience in the esports industry that has worked with leading companies such as Twitch, Logitech, and UCG Esports. 

You can learn more about Playbase.GG on the product’s official website, Instagram, and LinkedIn page.