It was inevitable: Here’s an Overwatch marriage proposal

This guy uses Soldier: 76 and Symmetra to set up a deadly Overwatch proposal.

Here’s the setup: Overwatch player Cleverdingbat’s got a custom game going, pitting his girlfriend PepperP0ts, on Pharah, against a team of Symmetras and a Soldier: 76. But she doesn’t know it’s all a ruse. Cleverdingbat, on Soldier: 76, is actually setting the stage for an Overwatch marriage proposal.

While PepperP0ts is being stalled by her brother in the Temple of Anubis waiting room, Cleverdingbat and his buddies are setting up a bunch of turrets—in the shape of a heart—surrounding a teleporter.

When everything is set up, PepperP0ts and her brother head toward the enemy base to find the teleporter shrine. Looming above, PepperP0ts is instructed not to fire. Showing some serious self-control, she doesn’t: And Cleverdingbat emerges from the teleporter and takes a knee.

That’s when Cleverdingbat turns around to PepperP0ts in real life and is also on one knee. And the first thing PepperP0ts says? “This is so random.” Eventually though, she says yes.

What? No! I’m not crying. You’re crying. Shout out to Blizzard’s Server Browser for making these sorts of weird proposals possible.