D.Va ejected from Overwatch for a few hours, but she’s back now

D.Va, apparently, was the cause of a game-breaking bug.

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Everyone’s favorite South Korean pro gamer was banned from Overwatch overnight.

Blizzard disabled D.Va in Overwatch for a few hours last night, citing a “bug currently under investigation” as the reason. “We’ve seen a significant rise in the number of reported client crashes,” Blizzard said in the Overwatch forum. “Based on our investigation, we’ve determined these crashes are very likely connected to D.Va’s presence within a game.”

She went offline across all regions on PC, PlayStation 4, an Xbox One. And for those who were in-game when she was disabled, things got very confusing.

Selfless Gaming player Jeff “emongg” Anderson was playing as a tank when, suddenly, he was no longer able to select D.Va. “I can’t switch D.Va,” emongg shrieked. His teammates responded, confused: “Are you high?”

Reports online suggest the bug caused players to disconnect, as well as the Overwatch server suddenly switching maps. Blizzard has not elaborated on the cause, but has already addressed the issue. Hours ago, D.Va went back online on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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