OpTic Gaming Wins Gfinity London Open

After a commendable performance from eUnited, OpTic Gaming won the London Open Grand Final.

OpTic Gaming took to the Gears of War scene this weekend, and in typical OpTic fashion, dominated the Gfinity London Open. With $150,000 on the line, eUnited performed admirably, but were unable to beat OpTic Gaming in the grand finals.

OpTic was actually sent down to the losers bracket by eUnited, who defeated them 2-1 in the winners bracket finals. But, OpTic was able to 2-0 sweep Team Allegiance in the losers bracket finals to get their rematch against eUnited in the grand finals. 

In the grand finals, OpTic needed to win two best-of-three series before eUnited won one. OpTic reset the bracket by 2-0 sweeping eUnited in the first series. The first game of the second series was a tough match for OpTic Gaming, but they still were able to take the first map win 7-4. The second map was where OpTic took control, winning 7-1, to secure their championship win.

OpTic Gaming has staked its claim on the throne for the competitive Gears of War scene, and they are sure to be at the top for many more events to come. 

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Jordan Aldridge-Payne is an esports journalist for GAMURS and can be reached on Twitter @mrjordanap.