Playing Heroes of the Storm’s Nexus Challenge will unlock a new D.Va skin in Overwatch

Four weeks worth of goodies in both games.

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Blizzard’s Nexus Challenge is back, and it’s bringing even more goodies for fans of Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.

This iteration of the challenge takes place over a four-week period, starting today, and there are numerous rewards to unlock, including a new D.Va skin and Genji’s Oni skin from the first Nexus Challenge. Check out the reveal video below.

If you play five games of Heroes of the Storm with a friend in versus, AI, quick match, unranked, or ranked modes, you are eligible to receive the prizes in each of the four weeks.

Week 1 rewards

Overwatch: Oni Genji skin, Oni icon, and Oni spray.

Heroes: Oni Genji portrait, spray, Orochi hovercycle mount, and Oni Genji banner.

Week 2 rewards

Overwatch: Officer D.Va skin

Heroes: Busan police hovercycle

Week 3 rewards

Overwatch: Officer D.Va icon, Officer D.Va spray

Heroes: Overwatch Nexagon mount, Officer D.Va portrait, Officer D.Va spray, Officer D.Va banner

Week 4 rewards

Overwatch: 10 Loot Boxes

Heroes: 10 Loot Chests

There’s plenty of loot to be had in this second Nexus Challenge, whether you’re a fan of Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, or both. Blizzard once again is doing a great job of tying its franchises together and encouraging people to play both games and rewarding them for doing so.

Here’s a fun tip: if you want the Overwatch goodies but aren’t interested in Heroes, you can just join up with some friends for some quick games against AI and earn your five wins pretty quickly for the first week. The rest of the games in the following weeks need to be played versus human opponents.

The goodies are there for the taking. Are you ready to accept the Nexus Challenge?