Razer is releasing a “reliable” wireless mouse

It's reliable enough that esports professionals will want to use it in tournaments, Razer said.

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Razer’s new wireless mouse, the Lancehead, is apparently the world’s most advanced gaming mouse, according to the company.

Using Razer’s Adaptive Frequency Technology, the company claims the mouse is lag-free. Information transmission from the mouse to the computer is more stable, using interference-free frequencies within the 2.4 GHz band. It’s able to keep up with the 5G laser sensor with 16,000 DPI, 210 inches-per-second tracking and 50 G acceleration.

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There’s also a wired version—the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition—if you still don’t trust a wireless mouse. Basically, it’s the DeathAdder Elite with an ambidextrous form, Razer said.

Both versions use Razer’s soon-to-be released Razer Synapse Pro software, which is currently in beta. This allows mouse settings to be saved directly to the mouse, as well as to the cloud. “A player can access his or her profile and have the Razer Lancehead set up exactly as it was last used, on any computer, even without an internet connection,” Razer said in a press release.

The on-board and cloud memory system is a huge upgrade, and something that’ll benefit folks who switch computers all the time—say, if you’re moving from tournament to tournament.

The regular Razer Lancehead costs $139.99, while the Tournament Edition costs $79.99. As with many of Razer’s recent products, the mouse is part of the Chroma line, which means its equipped with customizable lighting.