Na’Vi’s Doki banned from Rainbow Six Siege while streaming

Ubisoft may need to rein in that ban hammer.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League freshman Jack “Doki” Robertson was banned from the game yesterday in the middle of a stream. 

The young pro on Natus Vincere was banned mid-match during his stream for “toxic behavior.” While Doki is known to have some pretty solid banter, especially when going toe-to-toe with G2 Esports’ Fabian Hällsten, a toxic behavior ban normally requires a pretty blatant violation of Ubisoft’s Code of Conduct

The reason for Doki’s ban is unknown, but he received an in-game message that said “you have been permanently suspended due to Toxic Behavior.”

There’s been a fair amount of debate over what constitutes toxic behavior in the Siege community. Trash talk of any kind, even if it’s considered banter, can result in a player getting a toxic behavior complaint. While anyone can report someone for pretty much any reason they see fit, there’s normally an investigation into accounts with high volumes of reports. 

One thing that may get players in trouble is the use of hotkeys. Using hotkeys is pretty common, especially with the growing number of players who are opting for 60 percent or smaller form factor keyboards. The most common issue here is that players don’t have access to arrow keys on 60 percent keyboards and may use a program like Autohotkey to reprogram certain keys to serve as arrow keys. This action can be interpreted by systems as maliciously using macros and result in a ban. 

It’s still unclear what Doki was specifically banned for, but the pro promised to keep fans updated while trying to resolve the situation. There have been unwarranted bans in the past and Ubisoft normally does a decent job of working with players to resolve such suspensions. In Doki’s case, his ban will most likely be lifted by Ubisoft. 

Doki’s fans can watch him in his next Pro League matchup against PENTA when the European division returns on Friday, Oct. 4.