NA Challenger Series Qualifiers – First Final

[Spoiler alert, the winners of the best of 3 is down there!

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[Spoiler alert, the winners of the best of 3 is down there!]

For those unaware, on Wednesday night was the North American Challenger Series qualifiers finals, that saw the ten top teams on the soloq ranked 5vs5 ladder fight each other for a chance to beat one of the 2 teams in relegation. The first two teams to face off on the rift are Misfits and Magnetic (formerly TSM Darkness). Below you’ll find a description of the matches and for those wanting to see who won, go at the end where i concluded with a congratulation message for the winning team. Enjoy !




-Top lane- RF

-Jungle- Crumbzz

-Mid lane- Alex Ich

-ADC- Maplestreet

-Support- Remilia


-Top lane- Big Ol Ron

-Jungle- Sojin

-Mid lane- Wolfe

-ADC- TheMassacre8

-Support- Indivisible



Matches Rundown


Match 1 Misfits-Magnetic


Picks and Bans : Misfits bans – Alistar, Gragas, Ekko

                          : Misfits picks – Kalista, Tresh, Irelia, Nidalee, Maokai

                          : Magnetic bans – Rek’Sai, Nunu, Ryze

                          :Magnetic picks – Sejuani, Nautilus, Sivir, Gnar, Ziggs

Around the the 8th minute of the game, an unexpected roam by Remilia in the top side jungle with Crumbz allow Misfits to grab first blood, that is quickly answered by Wolfe Ziggs as a full combo takes out the squishy Nidalee. At the ten minute mark, a 4 man gank on the bot lane by Crumbz and RF allow Misfits their second kill of the game.The cs is extremely close in all lanes at this point, with only the bottom lane of the Misfits having a 10 cs lead. At the 14th minute, a gank on the top lane backfires for Crumbz when RF baits too much and ends up dying at the very moment the Nidalee comes into the lane. At the same time, Magnetic took the opportunity to take the 1st dragon of the game. At the 20th minute mark, Magnetic takes the 2nd dragon of the game, but Misfits answers right away and trade 4 kills for that dragon. Right after that, Misfits rushes at baron and with the help of the Rend of Kalista and grab it, while catching out Indivisible who went to check on Nashor. When the buff expires, Misfits leads in towers 4 to 3 and is sporting a 7k gold lead. After a catch on Wolfe in the bot lane, Misfits grab their 1st dragon of the game. After Alex Ich grabs 4 members of the Magnetic team attention while his team is starting baron. Big Ol Ron tries to distract them, and an amazing hook from Remilia catches him and kill him, stopping the baron from Misfits. During this time, Magnetic comes around the baron pit and Sojin is caught out by Remilia and his death leads Misfits to an easy second baron. With that buff, a dive initiated by RF leads to two kills for Misfits and the bottom lane inhibitor, followed by their 2nd dragon. At the 37th minute of the game, Misfits grab their third baron of the game uncontested. Right after, Magnetic catches out Crumbz out of position and grab themselves a kill, forcing Misfits away from their last remaining towers. At this point in the game, the lead is 15k in favor of Misfits. After grouping bottom, a hook from Remilia catches out the Nautilus and allow them to take down the bottom lane inhibitor. The Sivir Ziggs composition clearing waves really well, they have to wait until Magnetic chase down Crumbz once again until they can get their second inhibitor turret at the 44th minute. They follow it with their 4th baron of the game, and with it they grab the mid inhibitor. At the 47th minute, a flash engage from Alex Ich secures a kill on Wolfe and Misfits win the teamfight that ensues and manage to end the game.


Misfits 1-0

Match 2 Misfits-Magnetic


Picks and Bans : Misfits bans – Ekko, Alistar, Ryze

                          : Misfits picks – Gragas, Janna, Urgot, Varus, Maokai

                          : Magnetic bans – Kalista, Rek’Sai, Nunu

                          :Magnetic picks – Nautilus, Sivir, Rumble, Sejuani, Jayce

After a poorly executed laneswap by Magnetic, Misfits are able to grab the bottom tower unanswered by Magnetic. Nautilus went back to lane at level 2 against a level 5 duo from Misfits, and the Urgot and Janna duo grabs and easy kill after Nautilus overextends. Crumbz ganks Jayce twice in 3 minutes between the 10th and 12th minute of the game, granting the Varus of Alex Ich 2 early kills. At the 16th minute, Misfits took all the outer turrets and is already at a 6k gold lead. A fight breakouts shortly after and after trading 1 for 2 in favor of Misfits, Alex Ich pulls out a Snipe on both Wolfe and Massacre8 and snipes himself 2 additional kills. After the fight, the Misfits also grab the bottom inner turret, ballooning the gold lead at a staggering 8k lead at the 20th minute mark. After grabbing a few kills with their big range, Misfits bait Magnetic with a fake baron attempt and grabs 4 kills before rampaging the enemy base and ending the game at the 25th minute mark.

Misfits 2-0

Overall, Misfits died 7 times in 2 games. After having a hard time closing out in game 1, the Misfits squad really stomped their opposition in game 2. With those strong wins, the team is looking like a strong contender for the auto-promotion spot in the Challenger Series. Congratulation to the Misfits organisation, and welcome to the North American Challenger Series!



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