More than half of Modern Warfare Remastered players are playing Prop Hunt

This could be the most popular Weekend Warfare game mode yet.

Prop Hunt, a version of the popular hide-and-seek game mode from Garry’s Mod, is seeing tremendous success on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered servers this weekend.

The game mode was added to the public multiplayer playlist yesterday for this week’s “Weekend Warfare” event—and at the current time of writing, over 50 percent of players online are playing Prop Hunt.

For those unfamiliar with the game mode, Call of Duty’s version of Prop Hunt consists of two teams competing in four rounds. One team will be hiding throughout the map as miscellaneous items or props, while the other team has four minutes to locate and kill the opposing team.

The players on the prop team get 30 seconds to find a good hiding spot before the other team can begin their hunt. Players on this team can change their prop a maximum of two times, and can hit their opponents with a flashbang if they get too close. The object of the game is survive at any cost.

The props win the round if at least one member on the team is not found, while the seekers win if they are able to eliminate all of the hiding objects. The game is played until one team wins three rounds, or after both teams play as the hiders and seekers twice.

In most cases, the game generally ends in a 2-2 draw, but that doesn’t take away from the fun. Most of these well-known Call of Duty maps are large and have tons of great hiding spots, which makes it difficult for the prop team to lose. But, at the same time, that makes it even more rewarding when the seekers are actually able to find everyone on the prop team and win a round.

This game mode has definitely been a refreshing addition to the weekend playlist, and it is rapidly growing in popularity in the Call of Duty community. If you want to try out this fun and unique game mode, do so quickly, because Prop Hunt won’t be playable after 1:00pm Eastern on Monday.