Lorenzo’s CBLoL 12/02/2016 Power Ranking

("X" team isn't better than “Y” because he is named earlier in the same tier) S Tier - INTZ Team (2-1-0) , Keyd Stars (2-1-0) A Tier - Operation Kino (2-1-0) B Tier - paiN Gaming (1-1-1), KaBuM eSports (0-2-1), Red Canids(1-1-1), g3neration...

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(“X” team isn’t better than “Y” because he is named earlier in the same tier)

S Tier – INTZ Team (2-1-0) , Keyd Stars (2-1-0)

A Tier – Operation Kino (2-1-0)

B Tier – paiN Gaming (1-1-1), KaBuM eSports (0-2-1), Red Canids(1-1-1), g3nerationX (0-1-2)

C Tier – CNB eSports (0-0-3)


S Tier: INTZ Team (2-1-0) l Keyd Stars (2-1-0)

After two consecutive wins, INTZ has definitely shown to be ahead of the pack in terms of macro play and overall map movement. However this doesn’t mean they are impossible to defeat. Even after a strong performance against g3nerationX, INTZ has shown flaws that can be punished. The key factor for their success is definitely the amount of synergy the team has, combined with raw talent. Luan “Jockster” Cardoso for example, has demonstrated immense proficiency in his “new” role partnered with the more than consistent Micael “micaO” Rodrigues.

After acquiring Leonardo “Robo” Souza, Gabriel “Turtle” Peixoto and Gustavo “Baiano” Gomes at the start of the split, Keyd Stars displayed one of their all time best performances. With Robo’s vast champion pool and Murilo “takeshi” Alves’ leadership, Keyd is certainly one of the main contenders to win this split. Since this lineup is fairly new there is a lot of room for improvement, meaning that, as time goes on, Keyd will become even more dominant.

A Tier:  Operation Kino (2-1-0)

This week’s high-risers is Operation Kino, with two clean victories against paiN Gaming. Even though paiN wasn’t using their proper lineup, Kino deserves recognition: both of their games against paiN had extremely low deaths (nine in total) and their map movement, while not the best, has been superior.

B Tier: paiN Gaming (1-1-1) l KaBuM (0-2-1) l Red Canids(1-1-1) l G3X (0-1-2)

Although paiN Gaming used a lineup with: one sub (Renato “TheFoxz” Souza) and a player out of his original position (Felipe “brTT” Gonçalves switching from marksmen to top lane) they still managed to put on a fight against Operation Kino. In week one paiN demonstrated great potential against one of the best teams in the scene, INTZ. The only reason paiN is classified as a B tier team is that they simply don’t have a fixed roster yet. Only time will be able to tell how much they’ll achieve on the following weeks.

After another series that ended up in a tie, KaBuM eSports continues to show their strength in an inconsistent manner. There are games where you can see the 2014 golden era that defeated Alliance and others where the team seems to play with no in game leader to call the shots. If the roster finds their style, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say they will become a contender for this split.

Even after Red Canids lost one of their main carries (Robo) to Keyd at the start of the split, they haven’t lost their form. The classic composition made up of: a top lane carry with a team that can back him up is almost always used by Red. While Marcelo “Ayel” Mello has been filling Robo’s shoes in a decent manner, the whole lineup hasn’t found their footing yet, meaning they aren’t fully capable to close seemingly “easy” games.

After a reconfiguration of the 2015 roster, g3nerationX aimed for the stars but didn’t reach quite so far. After three weeks, they only managed to grab one win. Both games G3X lost were against the highest rated teams in this power rank so it isn’t fair to determine their future based solely on these three weeks. To reach a good standing for playoffs, G3X has to improve both their macro and individual skill.

C Tier – CNB eSports (0-0-3)

From all the teams in CBLoL, CNB was the only one to keep their full roster from 2015. This decision seemed to be a great one since they wouldn’t need to build their synergy like other teams. The result from this decision was quite the opposite, CNB has yet to win a single game in this split and their performance hasn’t changed much since week one. CNB’s focus right now should be getting out of the 8-7th spot since both of those are eligible for an instant relegation.