How much money does LIRIK make?

Unsurprisingly, he makes quite a bit.

Screengrab via LIRIK

LIRIK has become one of the most popular livestreamers in the world.

Starting with World of Warcraft, LIRIK found his way to Twitch more than seven years ago. His WoW streams turned into DayZ streams in 2012, which launched his channel into the upper echelon of Twitch. Although DayZ is no longer a part of his streams, LIRIK has continued to have tremendous success with his variety of broadcasts ranging from PUBG, Fortnite, and Escape from Tarkov to Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. Regardless of what he plays, his streams are watched by thousands nearly every day. 

LIRIK is one of the few top streamers who doesn’t feature a webcam, making it a rather distinctive feature of the Massachusetts-based entertainer. He and his chat have joked for several years that subscribers can gain access to a sub-only cam, however.

Though Ninja and shroud made big-money moves from Twitch to Mixer, LIRIK decided to stay with the Amazon-owned giant last December.

The streamers who moved platforms ultimately witnessed a significant decrease in their viewers. But LIRIK’s fan base has remained consistent for several years. His stream usually floats between 10,000 and 20,000 concurrent viewers, exceeding that mark in rarer cases.

While LIRIK isn’t very public with his current subscriber count, TwitchTracker has been tracking his subscriber numbers since September 2016.

Data provided by TwitchTracker.

In February 2019, LIRIK had 23,687 subscribers, his most since March 2018 and the second-highest total in a single month of his career. His exact subscription revenue split isn’t publicly available, but as an experienced and popular streamer, LIRIK likely earns about $3.50 for each $4.99 Twitch subscription.

Splits vary for different streamers, but new partners typically have a 50-percent split with Twitch. Once they gain more subscribers, they usually receive a larger portion of each subscription. Ninja said in the past he earned $3.50 for each $4.99 subscriber. For roughly 15,000 subscribers each month, which LIRIK has certainly averaged in 2019, that means LIRIK makes some good money.

His subscription revenue doesn’t even take into account the donations he receives on a daily basis. And as anyone who’s watched LIRIK’s stream or any large Twitch stream knows, donations happen often.

It’s tough to estimate how much he earns from donations on a monthly or even daily basis, so we aren’t even going to factor it into his estimated earnings. It should be made clear, however, that they definitely do add much more to his monthly income alongside all the sponsorship deals he has under his belt.

There are many other factors of revenue that could be taken into account, but the only one that’s reliable is LIRIK’s subscriber total. Using the $3.50 subscription revenue split, along with TwitchTracker’s subscriber statistics, we can make a conservative estimate of his monthly earnings in 2019. Keep in mind that we’re also assuming the tier-two and tier-three subscribers as regular subs.

MonthSubscribersEstimated Earnings
January 201915,632Over $54,712
February 201923,687Over $82,905
March 201921,712Over $75,992
April 201918,699Over $65,447
May 201915,518Over $54,313
June 201915,765Over $55,178
July 201913,046Over $45,661
August 201914,551Over $50,929
September 201912,143Over $42,501
October 201918,693Over $65,426
November 201915,707Over $54,975
December 201916,152Over $56,532

With these estimates, it would appear LIRIK passed the $700,000 mark last year with subscription revenue alone. That number would certainly be higher with all the money coming in from donations and the sponsorship deals he has with GFUEL, Audio Technica, and CyberPowerPC. But at least we have a rough idea of how much he makes from streaming alone.