LCK Power Rankings – Week 6

The Week 6 Power Rankings of Lol Champions Korea

Image via Psyonix

LCK Week 6 – By @Patsimenz

“The Fall of the Telecom Giants”


  1. Rox Tigers (-)
  •  The Rox Tigers look as strong as ever in a strong 2-0 over rising team Jin Air
  • Although game 1 was a close match against Jin Air, Rox were still very convincing in their mid to late shotcalling
  • The Rox is in a good position to finish the first round robin without a series loss, and are a long distance away from the rest of the LCK

    2. Jin Air Greenwings (+3)

  • Jin Air are coming off a good week with a 2-1 victory against KT and a 0-2 (but competitive in both games) loss to Rox.
  • The main reasons of Jin air’s jump are the fall of SKT and KT, as well as Samsung failing to convincingly beat CJ
  • Kuzan has had a strong week, putting out a large % of the team’s damage
  • Jin air have also developed a much stronger early game, even in the series against Rox, which might provide a fix to their reliance on the late game

     3. Samsung Galaxy (+1)

  • Samsung finish this week with a 2-0 victory over Sbenu and a close 2-1 series against CJ Entus
  • Crown has dominated the mid lane this week, especially his Leblanc in the CJ series, getting two solo kills Pre-10 minutes.
  • However, Samsung failed to achieve a 2-0 against CJ, which would have separated them more clearly from the middle pack.
  • Samsung continue to show strong late game shotcalling

     4. Longzhu Gaming (+3)

  • This week seems to be the week that Longzhu have finally ‘flicked the switch,’ with a very well played 2-0 victory against SKT (although Bengi’s Udyr might have been a factor towards that win).
  • The team main roster of Expression, Chaser and Coco seems to finally be on the same page, and the individual talent has converted into results
  • If Longzhu continue to consistently play on this level, their power rankings will rise, however they are not higher up because they need to prove that they can do this consistently in their next week of play.

     5. KT Rolster (-2)

  • Kt appear to currently be on a slump, losing 1-2 to Jin air and winning 2-1 unconvincingly against CJ
  • Ssumday is one example of KT’s slump, dying in an unusual amount of solo kills to Trace and Untara.
  • Fly has also had a bad week, having unusual item builds and having a small game impact.

     6. Sk Telecom T1 (-4)

  • Skt have looked very confused this week
  • Although they have stuck to their full roster, they have lost 0-2 to Longzhu and 1-2 to the Afreeca Freecs
  • This week could still be a ‘bad week,’ as SKT had a very strong 2-0 against KT last week, which is why they have not been completely dropped to be lower than Afreeca.

     7. Afreeca Freecs (-)

  • Although they have not gained any ranked this week, the Afreeca Freecs look like a team on the upswing
  • They have separated themselves from the bottom two teams with a strong 2-0 over Sbenu and pulled off an unexpected upset over SKT.
  • They have not climbed because the Freecs need to prove that they can perform on this level consistently, which they have not in previous weeks
  • Lira has been a major factor in Afreeca’s wins, with a very aggressive, carry oriented jungling style

     8. CJ Entus (-1)

  • Similarly to the Freecs, although CJ has lost a rank this week, they deserve credit for having very close 1-2 losses against higher ranked teams Jin Air and KT Rolster (although KT are currently slumping).
  • Madlife and Kramer are as strong as ever, and with the addition of Daydream and BDD in the second round robin replacing their two weakest players could see CJ sneak into the playoffs.
  • CJ also show a good level of shotcalling in the mid to late game.

    9. Kongdoo Monster (renamed from Em-Fire) (-)

  • Kongdoo failed to challenge the Freecs, losing 0-2
  • These results have separated the bottom two teams from a now strong 2nd to 8th middle pack.

    10. Sbenu Sonicboom (-)

  • Sbenu suffer with a similar storyline this week to Kongdoo, failing to challenge Samsung Galaxy.