LCK 2017 Spring Season Week 1, Day 2 Preview

With Week 1, Day 1 in the books we look ahead to the two matches that will played on the second day of LCK action.

The LCK continues with its first week of matches tonight with two more games. The first game will be between world champions SK Telecom T1 and the Jin Air Green Wings. Both teams are sporting roster changes, with SKT bringing in some familiar faces.

With Duke departing, SKT brought in Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon, who has been a star in the West, but now has his chance to shine in his home country. SKT also brought in Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, the former ROX Tigers jungler. Peanut had a stand-out performance last year with ROX Tigers and is thought of as the best jungler in the world currently. It is unknown whether SKT will elect to start their new man in the jungle or if they will go with the incumbent player, Kang “Blank” Sun-gu. The rest of the starting roster remains the same, with Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok leading the team for yet another season.

Jin Air has four new players for the season. They brought in Jeon “ikssu” Ik-soo and No “SnowFlower” Hoi-jong from Afreeca Freecs, Oh “Raise” Ji-hwan from Team ROCCAT and rookie Eom “Umti” Seong-hyeon. Not much is expected from this roster and they face an incredibly tough matchup against SKT. SKT has a relatively weak early schedule, allowing the team to get more comfortable with each other, while skill will help them win games early on.

The second match of the day will feature MVP against the newly sponsored bbq Olivers. MVP finished sixth in the 2016 Summer Season of the LCK and has retained their entire roster from last year. The team will look to replicate that success and potentially make the playoffs this season.

The bbq Olivers were previously known as ESC Ever. Ever finished ninth last year in the LCK and were forced to fight for their spot in the top league. They beat CJ Entus to retain that spot and picked up a new sponsor to hopefully do better this season. The team retained most of their roster, with only their bot lane leaving the organization. This looks to be a close matchup of experienced teams, with either roster able to pick up the win.

What are your thoughts on Week 1, Day 2 of the LCK? Who do you think will emerge victorious in their matches? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @GAMURScom.