Kinetic Group launches Emerging Talent Division, signs CodeMiko, Mutex, and Baka Bros

This new division aims to provide long-term business foundations for rapidly growing creators.

Image via The Kinetic Group

The Kinetic Group, a talent management group focused on supporting content creators and online personalities, is launching a new Emerging Talent Division. 

Led by talent manager Joowon Lee, a former Press X account manager, TKG has expanded its list of clients by signing VTuber and streamer CodeMiko, Call of Duty player Charlie “MuTeX” Saouma, and Call of Duty trio Baka Bros, which includes DiazBiffle, Repullze, and Lucky Chamu. 

Image via The Kinetic Group

TKG, which already manages top creators like Nicholas “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff, Ali “SpyherPK” Hassan, and FIFA streamer Anthony “AA9skillz” Machado, is now looking to convert more emerging talent into businesses while they’re still growing as creators. 

With this group, Lee and TKG have selected a mix of creators with established audiences or people who are experiencing rapid growth in their area of choice, whether it be Miko with her Just Chatting VTuber content or the Baka Bros and MuTeX dominating in CoD: Warzone. Miko alone has gained more than 320,000 followers across Twitch and her other social channels since December and continues to grow at a steady pace. 

“A lot of times, you will see talent picked up when they are at a certain level, but what we have seen is that, once they have that scale, they have all this reach but they don’t have a lot of the foundations built into their business to help them properly grow,” Lee said. “What we want to do with this Emerging Talent Division is be there from the start, work with people we believe in, and helping build that foundation for what they can continue doing with their brand in the future.”

Lee is excited to work with these new TKG creators. She wants to find what they originally wanted when getting into content creation and remind them of that goal as they continue to grow, while also helping them with those business foundations. 

TKG CEO Justin Miclat also said that the process is different for every creator that they work with since someone like NICKMERCS was already working on his business before teaming up with TKG. 

“NICKMERCS had a lot of direction and focus, had a lot of those foundations already in place for his brand and business,” Miclat said. “So for him, it was more so about building the team around him to accelerate his ability to reach his goal. Whereas here with the the Emerging Talent Division, it is less so about what resources we can provide and more about the focus and direction, establishing that foundation to help these creators move forward.” 

Now that TKG has the talent and is working with them, the goal is to continue to convert the talent into a solid business while they grow and create content. This will be done through supporting each creator, helping them find exactly where they need help, and working from there. 

From the start, Lee made sure to pick creators that she believed in and thought could continue to thrive in their space. MuTeX is a good example of a player who’s great at the games he plays but works just as hard to be a good on-camera personality for his community.

“On one side I have a VTuber and on the other I have an 18-year-old professional Call of Duty competitor,” Lee said. “My days always look different and my talent always surprise me with the best ideas that they are thinking of making. Which is great, because if you have a passion for it and you are either really good or entertaining, then you can succeed in your unique situation. 

TKG is going to work with its current lineup of creators and help them grow with several organized programs planned to launch throughout 2021.