Introducing Mondobox: Creating winners every day

The app is offering cash prizes for you and your favorite streamers.

Proudly brought to you by Mondobox.

As the esports landscape grows, so will the ways we can interact with our favorite streamers and players alike. Pushing this bar even higher is the team at Mondobox, who have developed a unique way to watch consume esports content, and take home cash prizes daily. 

We sat down with the team to discuss how it all works, and what the plans are for the future: 

Mondobox is certainly a new way to enjoy our favorite content, how did the idea come to life?

MondoBox was conceived as a way for streamers to better engage with their followers. Over 60% of esports spectators participate via chat. They want to lean in and engage in the game, but there just aren’t any options. Twitch has over 15 million daily active unique users who have no way other than chat, cheering, or subscribing to participate more actively with their favorite streamers. That’s where MondoBox comes in. We provide spectators with a way to be more interactive. 

We wanted to build a system that didn’t require any major changes to what the streamers do, but allows fans better interaction.  The team here has been developing platforms for gaming for years. Most recently building plugins to extend functionality for gamers.  But there are many more people who like to watch. We wanted to give them a fun way to interact with their favorite streamers beyond the limited options offered by Twitch.

How does it work, and most importantly, is it free?

MondoBox is 100% free.  It is funded by our advertisers and sponsors.  All you have to do is to log onto when we’re broadcasting to join in the action.  Currently, we operate the site weekdays from 2 – 7 PM PST. When you log in, join a stream and then you can start answering questions.  For every question you get right, you get points. For every question you get wrong, you lose a life. You get a number of free lives every day.  So you can maximize your chances of winning by coming back and playing every day. We have leaderboards that accrue points for daily, weekly, and monthly play.  And those leaderboards pay our cash to those who place in the top spots.

How can I maximize my chances of winning?

Basically, the more you play, the greater your chances of winning. MondoBox is a game of skill, so it helps to know the game and the streamers we follow.  You can always jump onto our Discord server and suggest your favorite streamer. We also offer power-ups to everyone which can help you place higher on the leaderboards.  These are given out for doing certain things. For example, if you invite a friend, and they register and play, you each get a Round Invincibility power-up. Certain power-ups are granted for playing multiple days in a row, for playing together with your friends, or for other behavior.  Our most powerful power-up is the Multiplier, which allows you to double the points you score in any round you choose.

What kind of prizes are up for grabs each week?

MondoBox users can play for daily, weekly, and monthly prizes.  We give away $100 for the daily leaderboard, $500 for the weekly and $1,000 cash is awarded to the top monthly players.  So even if you miss a few days you still have a shot at the monthly board and that one pays the biggest prizes. As our audience grows, the size of these prizes will increase.

How can I get involved if I am already a streamer?

Streamers love the program. It offers them a way to differentiate themselves and offer prizes to their user base free for them. We created a program to help streamers increase their following as well share in the revenues via payment for every user they send our way. If you partner with us, we can point our game show at you and our thousands of users will be watching your stream. They can subscribe to your stream, cheer, and interact just as if they were watching you on Twitch. If you would like more information, our full guidelines are also available online. 

I can think of a few streamers who would be interested in new ways to monetize their platform! Great thinking! What are the plans for the future of Mondobox?
We want to create a broad offering of different game shows and contests around all game genres and titles. Soon, we will begin allowing streamers to schedule one-hour blocks and allow them to run their own game show and leaderboard.  They’ll be able to give away subs, merch and other in-app MondoBox perks such as power-ups. Utilizing their own moderator, they are then able to display their own questions for the audience to engage with. 

Question types will continue to evolve with polling questions eventually being asked where the audience can participate in gameplay. “Where should the player go next?” or “What game should the streamer play next?”

The platform will also evolve to allow spectators to use their real money balance to directly tip the streamer from their MondoBox account and will soon provide the streamer and the audience with stats on how they perform against questions.  We’re also considering other types of engagement and gamification, such as different types of rewards streamers can give out to their audience, as well as different ways for streamers and spectators to interact.

Where can we get involved and join the Mondobox movement?
Come and check out the platform through Mondobox, you can also join our Official Discord server.