How to get 2 free Golden Hearthstone cards through WoW’s Anniversary

Who doesn't love free cards?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you play Hearthstone, then you’ve at least heard of World of Warcraft. Odds are you might have even played the MMO at some point in time.

World of Warcraft acts as Hearthstone’s parent game in the sense that they both share the realm of Azeroth. In World of Warcraft, there’s even a toy that allows your character to sit down and play some Hearthstone in-game. Thanks to World of Warcraft’s 25th Anniversary and the connection between the two games, right now you can snag some free Golden cards in Hearthstone.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has revealed that players who log in between Nov. 13 and Nov. 27 will be able to claim two free Golden cards inspired by the struggle between Azeroth’s Horde and Alliance factions. The card representing the Horde that you’ll receive a Golden copy of will be Injured Blademaster.

Injured Blademaster is a three-cost Battlecry minion. Upon entering the battlefield, the Injured Blademaster deals four damage to himself. Prior to the damage, Injured Blademaster is a 4/7. Although there are arguably better cards to represent the Horde, the Blademaster does embody the faction’s ruthless image.

The card representing the Alliance is the Argent Commander. If you mained the Paladin class in Hearthstone, then you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time with Argent Commander. This card is a six-cost 4/2 minion with Charge and Divine Shield. If you’re not a fan of either card, both can be disenchanted for 100 dust each.

All you have to do to obtain these cards is update and log in to Hearthstone between the specified dates. Even if you don’t play a deck that you can envision using either of these cards, at least you’re getting 200 dust just to log in. You can hop on Hearthstone right now to grab your free cards, but make sure you do so before the event ends on Nov. 27.