HCS Orange County: Championship Sunday Recap

Who reigned supreme out in Orange County? Check out the results from today if you missed any of the action from Championship Sunday in Santa Ana.

HCS Orange County just wrapped up in Santa Ana, California, and your champions are OpTic Gaming. They outlasted Ego Rangers, a solid open bracket side, TMMT, who is technically LOL, and Team EnVyUs twice to get the title.

EnVyUs fell to second, with Team Liquid taking third and Most Wanted, another top open bracket side, securing fourth after running through the losers bracket.

The tournament went pretty much as predicted, except for a few surprises, with TMMT upsetting Team Liquid and Most Wanted making their run, along with taking nV to game five.

Here are the full results from tonight’s matches:

Round One Winners

Ego Rangers 3 – 0 Solstice

Team Liquid 3 – 0 Amateur Hour

TMMT 3 – 0 For Wade

Most Wanted 3 – 0 Team Carnage

3sUp 3 – 0 CPR Esports

Round One Losers

For Wade 3-0 Amateur Hour

Round Two Winners

OpTic Gaming 3 – 0 Ego Rangers

TMMT 3-2 Team Liquid

EnVyUs 3 – 2 Most Wanted

Enigma6 3 – 2 3sUp

Round Two Losers

3sUp 3 – 0 Solstice

Most Wanted 3 – 0 For Wade

Team Liquid 3 – 0 Team Carnage

Ego Rangers 3 – 0 CPR Esports

Round Three Winners

OpTic Gaming 3 – 0 TMMT

EnVyUs 3 – 0 Enigma6

Round Three Losers

Most Wanted 3-0 3sUP

Team Liquid 3 – 0 Ego Rangers

Winners Semifinals

OpTic Gaming 3 – 1 EnVyUs

Losers Quarterfinals

Most Wanted 3-1 TMMT

Team Liquid 3-1 Enigma6

Losers Semifinals

Team Liquid 3-1 Most Wanted

Losers Finals

EnVyUs 3 – 1 Team Liquid

Winners Finals

OpTic Gaming 4 – 0 EnVyUs

Are you shocked with Most Wanted finishing as a top-four team? Or did you not expect TMMT, AKA LOL, to upset Team Liquid?

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.