Fortnite collab coming to Destiny 2 imminently, according to leaks

Some call it fate, others call it destiny.

Image via Bungie

For the last couple of days, there have been rumors that Fortnite would be getting a new collaboration as soon as next week. Some of the teased options included Family Guy, Doom, Lord of the Rings, and Destiny 2. However, a new image now seems to give away the potential answer, with characters from Fortnite being shown recreated in Destiny 2.

In the leak, three different costumes are shown for Destiny 2. They include skins from the game like Black Knight, Drift, and Oblivion. All three of these characters were first added to Fortnite years ago, and they’ll now become cosmetics in Destiny 2. This leak was posted by data miner ShiinaBR, and seems to confirm that some kind of crossover will happen soon.

Some have pointed to this collab as confirmation that skins could be coming to Fortnite as well, but nothing has been announced yet. Destiny 2 is set to have a stream on Aug. 23 to update its fans about the future of the game. It could be that Bungie announces that they added new cosmetics to the game inspired by Fortnite. If there is anything new added to Fortnite, we’d likely hear about it here.

There are rumors that Fortnite might get some of the original characters from Destiny 2, but nothing solid has been found yet. Whether or not there are new skins in Fortnite, this collab in Destiny 2 is one of the few where Epic Games has put something from their game in another, rather than the other way around.