Fnatic vs Virtus.Pro By The Numbers

Statistical overview of the VP vs FNC matchup.

Never has there been such a bane for the Polish lineup as the Fnatic squads. Struggling with a 25.8% winrate, VP are eclipsed only by Luminosity as the team with the worst record vs. Fnatic. Yet even so the Polish lineup has miraculously scraped out 4 series wins, surpassed only by EnVyUs and Astralis. 


Virtus.Pro hold an embarrassing record vs Fnatic online having won only 5 maps (20% winrate) in nearly two years. Fnatic on the other hand have secured 20 maps (80% winrate ) with the last map finishing in a draw.  Fnatic and Virtus pro have played 5 series matches online with Fnatic securing every one of them, 4 of which without dropping a map. Incredibly, there is an 11 month gap between the last best of series Fnatic and VP played online(ECS season 1) and the series prior to that. 

In total VP and Fnatic have played 26 maps online and those 26 maps have resulted in a total of 683 rounds split up 388-295 in favour of Fnatic. Fnatic have averaged 14.9 rounds meanwhile VP have averaged 11.3. In their losses Fnatic average merely 8.8 rounds whereas VP average 10 rounds in their losses. 

The most popular map between the two teams is Cache where Fnatic hold an incredible 7-1 record (87.5% winrate). Mirage is the next most popular map having been played 5 times and VP fare slightly better with Fnatic only securing a 3-2 record (60% winrate). Fnatic are undefeated on inferno, nuke, overpass and train. Here’s a chart to show the map distribution: 

Online Fnatic just overwhelm VP in every facet. 


Offline Fnatic and Virtus Pro have played 38 maps with Fnatic achieiving an impressive 26-11(one of the maps was a draw). Along with Fnatic’s 70.3% map winrate they have won 10 out of 14 series matches. In fact, VP have played the most best of series against Fnatic offline and considering their otherwise horrendous winrate, it’s incredibly impressive and surprising that they’ve managed to secure 4 best of series victories; surpassing the likes of NiP, Na`Vi and Luminosity. 

In total 995 rounds have been played with Fnatic claiming 555 to VP’s 440. On average Fnatic secure 14.6 rounds meanwhile VP only secure 11.6. In their losses Fnatic averagge 10.4 rounds whereas VP average a marginally worse 9.3 rounds. 

Cache continues to be the most popular map for these two teams yet while Fnatic dominated the map online they can only claim a 50% winrate offline having won 4 times and lost another 4. Mirage is the next most popular map but yet again Fnatic only maintain a 50% winrate having lost 3 times, won 3 times and drawn once. Next on the list is inferno where Fnatic hold a tremendous 100% winrate having won all 6 times the map has been played. Funnily enough VP and Fnatic are the only team to play Season, it was played during the Grand Final of ESEA invite season 18. For a better respresntation of the data see the chart below: 


Combining offline and online stats Fnatic vs. VP sits at 64 maps in total with a record of 46-16 in favour of Fnatic, a tremendous 74.2% winrate. From those 64 maps we have 1678 rounds with Fnatic holding the advantage at 943-735. Fnatic on average secure 14.7 rounds whereas VP secure only 11.5. Funnily enough this is the only matchup with 2 draws and a game being played on Season. 

Fnatic completly dominate this matchup and it truly is incredible how they manage to maintain a 70%+ winrate over three tier 1 teams. 




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