FlyQuest reveals new rebrand with fresh logo

The team is leaning 100 percent into its Go Green initiative.

Image via FlyQuest

Over the past few seasons, FlyQuest has become one of the sweethearts of the North American League of Legends competitive scene due to its focus on saving the environment, on top of its goal to win the LCS championship. In a shift to fully embrace its Go Green initiative, the organization revealed its modernized rebrand with new graphics today.

The new logo still features the Q as its main focus, but there’s now a cute leaf that makes up the letter with a negative space design. It’s a clean, simple icon that reflects the organization’s goals to help the environment and focus on the future.

“With the launch of our Go Green initiative last year, we began the hard work of defining ourselves on our own terms,” FlyQuest said in a statement. “We started with our vision: to Showcase Greatness, our company-wide philosophy that is the root of everything we do. We put in a lot of effort raising awareness and stirring real action for the environment with TreeQuest, SeaQuest, WorldQuest, and BeeQuest.”

The team has undergone two logo changes since its inception in 2017. The first logo didn’t last long, though. It received multiple mixed reviews from fans and the team rebranded after a single season. From 2018 onward, FlyQuest ran with the classic FQ badge logo. But as the vision of the team began to change, it was clear that the design of the team’s visuals didn’t match its shift toward the new green project.

With the 2021 LCS Summer Split quickly approaching, the team now has to unveil the roster’s new jerseys as well. The designers will likely try to integrate the green initiative into the kits, combined with the fresh logo. FlyQuest fans will also be hoping for better results to match the great-looking designs since the LCS team finished in eighth place during the spring with a mediocre 6-12 record.

You can catch FlyQuest and the rest of the LCS in action when the league kicks off the new split on Friday, June 4.

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