FaZe and OpTic announce merchandise collaboration

FaZe Up on the Green Wall.

Screengrab via @FaZeClan

Two rival organizations and some of the biggest names in esports all time have announced a special collaboration—FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming.

Call of Duty fans will be especially hyped about the team-up between FaZe and OpTic since both organizations got their start over 10 years ago in the budding CoD esports and content creation scenes. Now, the “idols become rivals” will be joining forces to score some dough.

Both organizations posted the same video on Twitter this afternoon, teasing a “merch collab and more,” and directing everyone to the FaZe website. There’s nothing on the site just yet, but if the video is any indication, the theme of the collaboration will be both logos mashed up, just like the one shown at the end of the video.

The video also shows such possible designs as a half FaZe, half OpTic baseball jersey, a shirt that features both logos on dog tags, a mouse pad, a controller, and other apparel.

FaZe and OpTic have been the most popular teams in Call of Duty for years. Whether the fans are “Green Wall” or they “FaZe Up,” the fans show their support with fervor. And rightfully so, because the CoD esports and content creation world would likely not be what it is without these organizations.

One thing about this unprecedented team-up is for sure and that’s that both organizations are due to make some decent money from the sales. More information about the collaborative effort is coming soon.