Excitement and Equality in Both Series: EU LCS Week 2, Day 1 Recap

The first day in the second week of the EU LCS just wrapped up. We saw two series played that, although they only lasted two games, both series were incredibly exciting. Here's how it went down.

The European League Championship Series (EU LCS) started its “super-week” with an exciting first day of action. Origen played the Unicorns of Love, while Misfits took on Team ROCCAT.

Unicorns of Love (2-0) 2-0 Origen (0-2)

The game was even early on until Origen took a team-fight in their favor and opened up a lead. The Unicorns composed themselves and clawed their way back into the game through advantageous team-fights. These skirmishes led to a Baron take and multiple turrets, snowballing UoL to a victory in game one.

In game two, both Origen and Unicorns of Love drafted two jungle champions that weren’t picked in this split so far, and Kim “Wisdom” Tae-wan got the early lead on Hecarim as the Unicorns of Love tried a risky jungle invade early and lost. Wisdom continued to steamroll his early advantage, maintaining 100 percent kill participation. Despite another strong early game, Origen began to lose their lead as UoL made their way back into the game. Origen could not keep pace and fell hard as the Unicorns ended the game with 22 kills and close to a 20k gold lead.

My MVP of the series is Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev. Hylissang was able to find picks for the Unicorns of Love that got them back into both of the games. Hylissang has always been a great player for the Unicorns and is showing that yet again in this split.

(2-0) Misfits 2-0 ROCCAT (0-2)

Misfits took an early lead in the first game through their bot lane with both Steven “Hans sama” Liv and Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun sporting 100 percent kill participation through the mid game. Misfits completely snowballed their advantage and took objectives across the map piece by piece. Misfits dominated the match, only losing one player throughout the entire game and ending with roughly a 15k gold lead.

The second game was even early on, as neither team was able to gain a considerable lead in their lanes. The game seemed to be going in ROCCAT’s favor, but Misfits fought back to keep the game even. The game became filled with errors by both teams, but was an exciting affair. ROCCAT started to break into Misfit’s base but were not able to gain a strong gold lead. Barney “Alphari” Morris kept split-pushing for Misfits and drew ROCCAT away from other objectives. The game came to an end when ROCCAT went for Baron and IgNar delivered Alphari into the base with his Tahm Kench ultimate to take down the Nexus. Adding insult to injury, Lee “KaKAO” Byung-kwon also stole the Baron away from ROCCAT while IgNar and Alphari destroyed ROCCAT’s base. 

My MVP for the series is IgNar. His play on Thresh in the first game helped to gain the lead for Misfits and continually generated picks for the team. In the second game, IgNar was always present to save his teammates on Tahm Kench and he eventually created the play that led to Misfits’ victory.

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Photo credits: Riot Games