Everything you need to know about the TFT Fates OCE Qualifiers and Regional Finals

Could you be Oceania's next TFT superstar?

Teamfight Tactics Set 4.5 Fates
Image via Riot Games

With the Teamfight Tactics: Fates World Championship just around the corner, Riot Games has started launching its preliminary qualification tournaments beginning with the Oceanic region.

In partnership with Riot, Australian esports organization ORDER will be hosting three OCE Qualifier events in the coming months leading up to the TFT Fates OCE Regional Finals.

There are a number of ways that players can qualify for the finals, including multiple ladder snapshots, the qualifier points system, and various open qualifier events. Here’s everything you need to know about this tournament.

Event dates

There will be three Qualifier Series events:

  • Regional Qualifier Series
    • OCE Qualifier No. 1 on Jan. 15 to 17
    • OCE Qualifier No. 2 on Feb. 5 to 7
  • Last Chance Open Qualifier March 1 to 7

The leading point scorers after these three events will be invited to participate in the OCE Regional Finals, taking place from March 11 to 14.

OCE Qualifiers Series format

Each of the two Qualifier Series is closed bracketed, meaning players must qualify for these events. Players can qualify in any of the following ways:

  • Players can qualify from weekly TFT ladder snapshots.
  • Players can qualify from open qualifier brackets.
  • The top four finishers from Qualifier One will qualify for Qualifier Two.

Each Regional Qualifier event will feature a prize pool of $3,500 AUD.

TFT ladder snapshots

A snapshot will account for the top 50 players according to their placement on OCE’s TFT ranked ladder. Points will be distributed based on their relative rank.

Players must have played a minimum of 10 games in that week to be eligible for those points. Additionally, only permanent OCE residents and non-Riot employees are eligible for tournament invites based on ladder snapshots.

Snapshots will be taken weekly on Wednesdays, starting on Jan. 6 at 12:01AM AEDT, and will continue throughout the set as one of the methods of qualification for each of the Qualifier Events.

Open Qualifier Brackets

There will be one Open Qualifier event per Closed Qualifier event. There are no rank or ladder requirements for registration.

OCE Regional Finals Format

The OCE Regional Finals will have four options for player qualification:

  • 16 players: TFT ladder snapshots
  • Eight players: Most cumulative points from the OCE Regional Qualifier Series
  • Four players: Top four of the OCE Qualifier No. 2 on Feb. 5 to 7
  • Four players: Last Chance Open Qualifier on March 1 to 7

The OCE Regional Finals will feature a prize pool of $6,500 AUD.

How to watch

The top eight of the TFT Fates OCE Regional Finals will be broadcast on Riot Oceania’s Twitch channel starting Sunday, March 14.

Any further details regarding sign-ups for Open Qualifiers, formats, and other eligibility information can all be found on the tournament’s official website.