Esports pros review your clips in Aim Lab’s ‘In The Lab’ video series

Show us what you've got.

Written in partnership with Aim Lab.

Aim Lab, one of the premiere first-person shooter (FPS) aim trainers, has rolled out a new video series on its YouTube channel. Titled “In The Lab,” this series looks to call upon Aim Lab’s wide array of FPS professionals from multiple games and esports to review clips submitted by the Aim Lab and its players’ communities.

Episode one was released just last month and featured Aim Lab’s resident Apex Legends expert SoaR Dazs alongside the CEO of Apex himself, TSM ImperialHal. The duo took a look at three player submitted clips and gave their reactions, insights, and advice to each player.

While “In The Lab” is a clip compilation show, the clips don’t need to necessarily be pop-off moments. Players are encouraged to submit their footage for advice and learning purposes so that they, and any other watchers around the same skill level, can improve. An example of this comes in the very first clip, where Dazs and Hal helped a Silver II player break out of his passive tendencies.

That said, nothing feels better than having one of the best Apex pros compliment your Wingman mechanics like in the second clip. Part of improving your consistency in any game is knowing what you’re doing well and what can be built upon. Sometimes, pros notice things about your gameplay that you don’t even notice. If you’re doing something right, you’ll hear about it in your “In The Lab” clip review.

Even if your clip is just straight-up silly, it might get selected for “In The Lab.” The final clip of episode one featured a sky-high Kraber shot. At first, it looks like the player just hit the shot of his life, even confusing the pros. Upon further inspection, they discovered it was actually timed perfectly with the enemies getting knocked by the zone.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and record some gameplay clips to submit for episode two of “In The Lab.” In addition to Apex, Aim Lab is currently taking clips for Call of Duty: Warzone. Submissions for VALORANT and Rainbow Six: Siege will also be opening soon. You could be next up to have your clips reviewed by your favorite esports pros and aim experts.