Epsilon Will Not Be Attending Gfinity

Multiple sources on Twitter are reporting that Epsilon Esports, currently ranked 10th in EU pro points, will not be attending the Gfinity London Invitational.

UPDATE: We have learned that there has been a clerical error that has led to Epsilon Esports not being able to attend Gfinity.

According to comments made available to GAMURS from Stephen “Vortex” Allen, there was “not really much to it, we didn’t sent the email. I thought our manager did it and he throught I did it and it wasn’t until the early hours of this morning we realized we hadn’t.”

From the GAMURS official pro point standings, Solution Gaming would be the team that would be invited to the Gfinity event to keep it as a 16 team event.


An absolute shock to the EU scene has gone down over Twitter, and it is all about a well-known side who will not be attending a major EU Call of Duty event.

As first tweeted by Alan Brice, Epsilon will not be attending Gfinity due to a reason not known to the public. However, Epsilon player Ben Desire Wright gave a bit more insight into the situation without releasing any details.

It is physically impossible, if all pro points are counted the way they are, that Epsilon would be out of the top-16 teams, which would be the main reason why a side would not be invited to Gfinity. Currently ranked 10th in pro points, and with Gfinity inviting sides based on pro point standings, they would have technically received an invite by the tournament organizer.

GAMURS has reached out to Epsilon for comfirmation of this news, and we will update as the story develops.

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.