ELEAGUE Season 2 Group B: Day 2 Results

Who is the second team from Group B that is moving on to the playoffs? Catch up here.

Day two of ELEAGUE action for Group B has concluded, and NiP will be moving on to the playoffs.

Here’s the full list of matches:

G2 (1-1) defeats Echo Fox (0-2)
Map 1: de_nuke

  • Final Score: G2 16 – 3 Echo Fox

Map 2: de_dust2

  • Final Score: G2 16 – 2 Echo Fox

Blazin’ Hot Player of the Match: Richard “shox” Papillon (Total K/D: 43/16; Average ADR: 119.5)

[G2 advances to decider match]

NiP (2-1) defeats G2 (1-2)
Map 1: de_nuke

  • Final Score: NiP 16 – 8 G2

Map 2: de_train

  • Final Score: NiP 16 – 10 Train

Blazin’ Hot Player of the Match: Patrick “f0rest” Lindberg (Total K/D: 45/32; Average ADR: 83.95) [Ninjas in Pyjamas advances to ELEAGUE Bracket Play]

Blazin’ Hot Player of the Match presented by Buffalo Wild Wings

Graphics credit: ELEAGUE

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