Dr Disrespect dubs Apex Legends ‘terrible’ after struggling with battle royale UI designs

The streamer isn't a fan of some of Respawn Entertainment's design choices.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

When it comes to playing battle royales, there’s hardly a better streamer than Dr Disrespect. The YouTube personality has a lot of experience in games like these, which often leads to him critiquing the popular genre.

In recent streamers, Dr Disrespect has been playing Apex Legends. And while he clearly enjoys the gameplay at times, he’s not a fan of the game’s UI designs. In fact, he thinks they make the game “terrible.”

“I mean, I’m just getting fucking melted,” Dr Disrespect screamed after slamming his mouse down on the table. “Calm down, Doc. No, I won’t ucking calm down…,” he added. “I am going to describe it [the game]. It’s terrible.”

The streamer heavily criticized the game’s UI, saying its palette of colors is often misguiding. “The UI is terrible, it’s too colorful, look at this thing, What’s the fiction of this game,” he said. “Transformers, blended with He-Man, blended with Batman, blended with Aliens, blended with Predator.”

But, it didn’t stop there; Doc immediately followed with more criticism. “It’s ugly-looking, UI is ugly, I got so much VFX on my face, I shoot shields all day all night, right? Just to have some controller guy fucking hit fire me with his eyes closed,” he added.

Luckily for the streamer, quite a few changes have recently made their way to Apex Legends. Season 13 went live on May 10, introducing a new legend, updates to Storm Point, and the ranked system. You can read more about them here.