CSL Announces Collegiate CS:GO Season

CSL, the primary organizer of collegiate CS, announced on August 23rd that they will host their next season of collegiate CS:GO competition.

Image via Valve

CSL, or Collegiate StarLeague, announced on Aug. 23 that theywill host their next season of collegiate Counter-Strike:Global Offensive competition. CSL is the primary organizer ofcollegiate CS, and have been around since 2009.

The regular season will be split up into two parts. The firstpart will have multiple groups based off of geography. Each teamwill play every other team, like in a Round Robin. Each team willalso play exactly one match per week.

The second half of the regular season will be played the sameway, but groups will be organized based on how well teams performedin their regional groups. The season will be finished with asingle-elimination playoff bracket featuring the best teams fromeach group in the second half of the season. Those teams willcompete for a piece of an impressive $50,000 prize purse.

Collegiate play is a great thing for any competition, as itallows students to compete at a high level while studying for adegree. In League of Legends, current professionals havebeen discovered in a collegiate league.

CSL is open for any college students in North America. Lastseason seemed to be a huge success, and the prize pool hasincreased by 1000% from last year’s $5,000 purse. You can registerat any point in September, and the season officially starts on Oct.8. 

You can go to CSL’s website at any point in November to registeryour school’s team.

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