Chiefs’ Claire and Thien punish Dire Wolves to set up a victory

The Chiefs capitalized on a crucial mistake.

Screengrab via Chiefs Esports Club

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The Chiefs faced off against Dire Wolves earlier this week in the Oceanic Pro League. And Chiefs’ Brandon “Claire” Nguyen and Romeo “Thien” Tran made a game-changing play when they shut down Dire Wolves’ tower dive.

Defending towers is a large part of the game in League of Legends. These towers protect friendly champions and provide a presence that prevents enemies from roaming in territory that would otherwise be considered safe. But that feeling of safety is thrown out the window when the enemy decides to be extremely aggressive and dive under the tower for kills.

Twenty minutes into the game, the Chiefs were defending their first mid lane tower, a crucial objective due to its positioning. Losing the tower would open up Chiefs’ jungle to the enemy, allowing Dire Wolves to secure Baron, an objective they desperately needed.

With the gold lead slightly favoring the Dire Wolves, the aggressors decided that it was a good time to dive the tower. With Dire Wolves mid laner Jarod “Getback” Tucker using Sion’s ultimate, Unstoppable Onslaught, the Chiefs had to make a decision: Cut their losses with a one-for-one trade, or try for more. Claire and Thien decided it was time to shine and punished the now out-of-position Dire Wolves players with devastating damage and nearly immaculate survivability.

On top of the two players securing the clean-up kills, Chiefs’ AD carry Quin “Raes” Korebrits won a crucial one-vs-one against the enemy ADC with a sliver of health remaining. While this ultimately didn’t have an effect on the rest of the fight, it allowed Raes to survive and to help obtain and use the Baron buff to win the game.

The Chiefs have proven time and time again that they’re one of the top teams in the OPL. With standout performances like these, it’s no question why. With five weeks remaining, fans should be excited for more excellent playmaking from the Chiefs and the Oceania region as a whole.