Best deals on Xbox Game Pass

Hundreds of games at your fingertips.

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Xbox Game Pass gets better every month. Instead of purchasing many different games that you don’t know if you’re going to like, subscribers pay once a month for a membership and gain access to over 100 games. Xbox’s catalog has games for your smartphone, Xbox, and PC, making it worth it no matter the device you play on. Also, the Xbox Game Pass often has new and acclaimed games.

When subscribed to Game Pass, you will never have a shortage of games to play. Be a pirate in Sea of Thieves, survive the Xenomorph in Alien: Isolation, and defy the gods in Hades. If that sounds interesting to you, we bring you good news. Some deals provide months of Xbox Game Pass subscription for a fraction of the price.

To make it even better, Microsoft is adding four acclaimed games to their catalog in August.


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Defy the gods in Hades, an action rogue-like made by the same team that developed Bastion.

Hades is one of the most successful games of the genre. It was well-received by gamers and critics, but if you’re looking for something chill and cute, Microsoft is also adding Skatebird.


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As the name suggests, you play as a skateboarding bird who relaxes on the half-pipe. Make new friends, gain bird fans, and explore bird-sized parks to an original lo-fi soundtrack.

12 Minutes

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For fans of more unique games, 12 Minutes traps players in a time loop. The exciting premise has players thinking out of the box to advance in the story.

Psychonauts 2

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Microsoft is also bringing Psychonauts 2 to its July catalog. The sequel to the cult classic is expected to be even better than the original platformer.

If that sounds interesting to you, we bring you good news. There are deals on Amazon that provide months of subscription for a fraction of the price.

Three-month membership (Digital)

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Gain all of the benefits from the Xbox Live Gold, access to the whole Game Pass catalog, and instant access to Electronic Arts’ best-loved series and top titles on console, mobile devices, and PC for three months. This subscription gives you plenty of time to finish a few games and try out a dozen more. The other advantage of a digital card is not having a fee being automatically charged to your credit card.

One-month membership (Digital)

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If you are curious but cautious, this might be the best way to check what you get from a Game Pass membership. Get a whole month of over 100 games and exclusive deals without worrying about your credit card. Game Pass is also cheaper than buying a new game every three or four months.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (New members)

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The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has a special offer for new members. You pay nearly nothing for the first month of your membership and gain access to everything Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers.

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