August’s backcap sends Mindfreak to Overwatch Contenders Australia final

When it came down to the clutch moments, Mindfreak were as cold as ice.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Mindfreak have been one of the underdogs of Overwatch Contenders Australia season two. While they finished on top of the standings in the regular season, their team of misfits was underrated by most during the season. With big names like Warriors, the Sydney Drop Bears, and Order breathing down their necks, Mindfreak were expected to crumble.

But everything was on the line in their semifinal matchup against the Sydney Drop Bears. The winner would be going to the live finals at the Melbourne Esports Open, while the loser would be sent home. After the Sydney Drop Bears took down the dominant Warriors two weeks in a row to climb from the bottom four to the semifinals, all eyes were on them.

Taking a two-map lead early in the series, Mindfreak just needed to win Hollywood to wrap up the match. Mindfreak dug in their heels on their defense, stopping the Drop Bears just outside of the third point and got the momentum rolling early on their attack. 

Just as time was about to run out, though, the Drop Bears found a key fight victory. It looked like the series was headed to a fourth map. But Chris “August” Norgrove came out with the backcap for the ages in one of our Maccas I’m Loving It moments for this week.

Playing Reaper, August teleported himself on top of the Saloon to set himself up for a backcap while his teammates were cleaned up by the Drop Bears. The Drop Bears left Marin “Shoyo” Tomicic’s D.Va on the payload, but as August dropped down to secure the overtime, the D.Va was shredded.

August cleaved his way through Shoyo and forced the Drop Bears back to the point. This gave Mindfreak the time to swap onto the stagger heroes and make their own way back. With the fight split in two, August and Elliot “Addy” Dunne’s Doomfist made light work of the vulnerable Drop Bears and snatched the map from the jaws of defeat.

This backcap was more significant than just producing a map win, though. It means that the Sydney Drop Bears have failed to qualify for their first Contenders Australia final in five seasons and Mindfreak have finally qualified for a final at a major event. It shows that no matter the circumstances, you can never count out the underdog.