Activision Announces the return of EGL in Sheffield

The European Gamer League will return to host a Call of Duty World League event this year in Sheffield.

Activision has announced its plans for Call of Duty World League events to be held this year. Among those events announced today was the return of the European Gaming League. EGL will host a CoD World League event this year in Sheffield, giving European players many more opportunities than before; the addition of this event raises the count up to four EU events in 2017, as of now.

The EGL tournament will feature a prize pool of $25,000 and 38,000 pro points. Taking place from June 24 to 25, the event will only be open to EU teams. The top-12 teams in terms of pro points automatically get a spot in pool play, with a cutoff date of June 12. There will be a maximum of 64 teams in this tournament.

The venue for this event will be Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, which has held its share of events in the past, including EGL10 in 2013 and EGL12 in 2014.

It seems like Activision is giving more opportunites to players around the world this year. Do you like this recent influx of events from Activision? Comment below or tweet your answer to us @GAMURScom.

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Source: Dexerto