2017 ESL Pro League Announced

Still looking for your CS:GO fix after the conclusion of ESL Pro League 2016? Have no fear, the ESL 2017 details are here, and wow does it look exciting.

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The details from ESL about the next two seasons of the ESL Pro League were just announced earlier today. Following the victory of Cloud9 back in October, ESL has released their details for the next two seasons, starting Feb. 7, 2017.

Prize Pool

The prize pool for 2017 will be $2 million, and will be split between the two seasons, meaning each season will have a $1 million prize pool. This prize pool isn’t to be sniffed at, especially considering it’s an increase of $500,000.

First Season

Starts- Feb. 7, 2017

Ends- May 18, 2017

Finals- First weekend of June

Second Season

Starts- August 2017

Ends- November 2017

Finals: December 2017

Match days are going to be Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. With such a huge prize pool, the stakes are significantly higher, so prepare for another exciting year of intense, nail-biting games.

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