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10 best Monster Hunter: World mods, ranked

Change up your playthrough of Monster Hunter: World on PC with these awesome mods.

Monster Hunter: World is experiencing something of a resurgence at the moment thanks to the announcement of the next game in the series—Monster Hunter: Wilds—at the 2023 Game Awards, as well as Capcom initiating the “Return to World” campaign and discounting the game by a significant 67 percent on Steam.

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This surge in popularity, especially on the PC, means that players are flocking to Monster Hunter: World. If you are heading back to the game or checking it out for the first time, you might be interested in learning more about the mods available on the PC. Despite Capcom not releasing any new content, modders have continued to keep up to date with their mods, so there is plenty to choose from. 

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at 10 of the best Monster Hunter: World mods you can install right now, including those that have achieved a significant amount of popularity with fans. 

Keep in mind that all of these mods are available via Nexus Mods on the PC, so head over there and check out all the Monster Hunter: World mods on offer if you want to explore more of them, along with the ten we will be looking at here. 

Best Monster Hunter: World mods

10. Endemic Quality by Dave uRrr

A screenshot of the Endemic Quality mod by Dave uRrr on Nexus Mods.
Endemic monsters will become much easier to find with this mod. Image via Dave uRrr on Nexus Mods

Some of the mods I’m going to be talking about here might be considered a bit of a cheat, especially for those who want to play the game the way it was intended. However, these slightly cheaty mods can also be a huge help, so I wouldn’t rule them out too quickly if you want to ensure you don’t get too frustrated as you play. 

The Endemic Quality mod is a must for those who want to make it easier to find the rare, endemic creatures in the game, as it increases the spawn rate by 100 percent but doesn’t affect the weather conditions. 

9. All Items in Shop by Elliot Weaver

A screenshot of the All Items in Shop mod by Elliot Weaver on Nexus Mods.
Rare items can be bought in the shop with this mod. Image via Elliot Weaver on Nexus Mods

This is another mod that can definitely be considered as being on the cheating side of things, but it can help you tremendously if you choose to install it. This mod includes almost all the items in the game in the shop. This includes the rare items that have incredibly low drop rates. If you are struggling to find these rare items, you are going to have trouble tackling the higher levels of monsters, as they are needed to augment and craft the higher levels of armor needed for those fights. 

Despite the name, the mod doesn’t include every single crafting material, but it does offer a huge amount of them. This mod also includes all the decorations in the game, which is a must for those who enjoy the customizing elements. As you can imagine, this stuff won’t come cheap, so be prepared to fork out a lot of money for the items you need if you do opt for this mod. 

8. All Monster Drops Increased by ApolloReaper

A screenshot of the All Monster Drops Increased mod by ApolloReaper on Nexus Mods.
Grinding becomes less of an issue with the All Monster Drops increased mod. Image via ApolloReaper on Nexus Mods

Monster Hunter: World is—as the name suggests—all about fighting monsters. When you have defeated the monsters, you will be able to grab the loot they drop. This loot will allow you to craft better equipment so you can fight the tougher monsters. Collecting the better loot can be something of a grind, though.  

This mod will give you a better chance of picking up better loot from the monsters you defeat by increasing both the quality and the rate of the monster drops, making the grind more manageable. If you aren’t interested in grinding to collect loot, this mod is sure to interest you. 

7. Souvenir’s Light Pillar by Eisus2589

A screenshot of the Souvenir's Light Pillar mod by Eisus2589 on Nexus Mods.
The pillars in this mod make all the difference for players, especially those with sight problems. Image via Eisus2589 on Nexus Mods

One of the most popular Monster Hunter: World mods on Nexus—with over a million downloads—is the Souvenir’s Light Pillar, which illuminates the item drops found in the game. 

The items in the game are notoriously difficult to spot, making them taxing to collect. This can be incredibly infuriating, especially for players with sight problems. This mod does one simple thing: includes color-coded light pillars to brighten up the different kinds of items scattered throughout the world. Players can see what an item is and find it much easier with this inclusion. This is a simple mod, but it makes all the difference for players while making the collecting element of Monster Hunter: World more accessible. 

6. Skippable Cutscenes by Moonbunnie

A screenshot of the Skippable Cutscenes mod by Moonbunnie on Nexus Mods.
Cutscenes become (mostly) a thing of the past with this mod. Image via Moonbunnie on Nexus Mods

We are all guilty of skipping a cutscene or two in video games, but Monster Hunter: World doesn’t allow you to do so. Or it didn’t until the creation of this mod. 

This might not seem like an issue, especially for players who enjoy watching cutscenes. However, when you have to keep replaying certain missions, the unskippable nature of the cutscenes can get old very quickly. 

Another simple mod, all this will do is allow you to skip the cutscenes, which can make all the difference if you are struggling to get past a part of the game and are having to watch the same scene over and over again. There are still a few cutscenes that will remain unskippable with this mod, but it makes a difference nonetheless. 

5. MHW Damage Meter by jd 

A screenshot of the MHW Damage Meter mod by jd on Nexus Mods.
This mod is a must. Image via jd on Nexus Mods.

This is another mod that can be very helpful as it includes a visual aid on the user interface. This aid will show how much damage you and your team are dealing to the monsters as you fight them. 

This allows players to find the builds that work the best, though some might be put off by it as it might be seen as a bit of a cheat. That said, the usefulness of the mod is sure to appeal to experienced players and newcomers to Monster Hunter: World

4. Better Palico AI by naruga

A promotional screenshot of a Palico companion from Monster Hunter: World.
Palico’s become much more reliable with this mod. Image via Capcom

Palicos are cute, fluffy, anthropomorphic felines that can provide support during your time hunting monsters, but players often have issues with the way the Palico AI behaves. From running off when you need them most to using the best healing abilities when it isn’t necessary, the frustration that these fuzzy accomplices can cause is more than a little prominent. 

This mod aims to improve the AI of the Palico with three particular changes. These changes include not allowing the Palico to play the Coral Sonicgong or use the Flashfly trap automatically and making the Palico make more of an effort to help you when you are inflicted with the faint, sleep, or paralyzed debuff. If you are having trouble getting your Palico to be of use, this mod is a must. 

3. Monster Weakness Icon Indicator by celluloid

A screenshot of the Monster Weakness Icon Indicator mod by celluloid on Nexus Mods.
This is a handy mod for those who have trouble memorizing the weaknesses of the monsters in the game. Image via celluloid on Nexus Mods.

Part of the role-playing element of Monster Hunter: World comes from the gathering of information on the various monsters in the game, which you will find in books. You’ll have to memorize the information you gather from your reading sessions to fight the monsters most effectively, which can be tedious and difficult. 

If you aren’t up for this, the Monster Weakness Icon Indicator mod is the perfect choice for you. The mod will include a simple weakness indicator via the use of elemental icons so you will always know what elements the monsters you are currently fighting are weak to. This allows you to form the best possible tactics without having to constantly memorize your findings. 

2. Extra NPCs in Astera Gathering Hub by MHVuze

A screenshot of the Extra NPCs in the Astera Gathering Hub mod by MHVuze on Nexus Mods.
This is a very practical and helpful mod when it comes to Monster Hunter: World multiplayer. Image via MHVuze on Nexus Mods

This is another popular mod that fixes an issue that commonly arises when playing Monster Hunter: World multiplayer. Players often struggle in the multiplayer Gathering Hub as it doesn’t have anywhere near as much functionality as the regular Astera grounds, lacking useful services or merchants in the area. 

All this mod does is add some much-needed merchants and services to this area, but seeing as this was such a frustrating problem for so many, it’s no surprise it’s so popular. 

1. SmartHunter- Overlay by r00telement

A screenshot of the SmartHunter-Overlay mod by r00telement on Nexus Mods.
SmartHunter: Overlay is a simple yet highly functional mod that can make all the difference. Image via r00telement on Nexus Mods

Last but not least is a highly impressive mod that earns the top spot on our list of the best Monster Hunter: World mods due to the sheer level of detail it features. 

The SmartHunter-Overlay mod is exactly what its name suggests. It offers an overlay of various useful pieces of information for Monster Hunter: World on the PC. The mod offers a monster widget that displays the parts of the monster as well as the status effect buildup, their name, health, and crown, as well as a player widget—showing any buffs and debuffs and timers for equipment and mantles— and a team widget, which displays damage meters and the name of each member.

Along with these useful widgets, the SmartHunter-Overlay mod is also open source, skinnable, and features easy localization, so you can create and share translations of the mod. Again, this is a mod that sounds incredibly simple on the surface, but the features it offers make all the difference and can lead to a much more enjoyable experience as a whole. If you prefer an overlay displaying this sort of information as you play JRPGs, the SmartHunter-Overlay is a mod that is sure to pique your interest. 

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