Who are the commentators in Madden 23?

There are a total of three commentators in Madden 23.

Madden 23
Image via EA

Commentators are an essential part of Madden and other sports games. The commentators are responsible for doing the play-by-play commentary and breaking down what is happening on the field.

The commentary on Madden has been criticized over the years due to its repetitiveness and lack of personality. EA, however, has worked on improving the level for Madden 23 by giving the commentators more lines and letting them get more involved in the game to avoid repetition.

This should help players feel like they’re playing a more authentic football simulator than in previous years. There are a total of three commentators in Madden 23 and all of them are well-known by the players of the football franchise.

All the commentators in Madden 23

The main commentators responsible for breaking down the action in Madden 23 are Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin. The two have been working together in the Madden franchise since Madden 17 when they replaced Phil Simms and Jim Nantz in the booth.

There are fans that have expressed their disappointment towards EA for keeping Davis and Gaudin once again, but there are also players that were impressed with how much the commentary has improved from Madden 22 to Madden 23.

On top of Davis and Gaudin’s commentary, the legendary John Madden is also guaranteed to show up while you’re playing Madden 23, but just on special moments. Madden was a former NFL coach and NFL commentator that lent his name to the Madden franchise since its launch in 1988 and has been featured in every edition ever since.