Best packs to buy in Madden 23 Ultimate Team

Unpack a dynasty, if you're willing to spend.

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With every new Madden marks the start of a new journey in the Ultimate Team mode, a dominant feature of every yearly release that challenges players with the task of collecting player cards and building the best roster they can.

If you’re just starting out building your Ultimate Team in Madden 23, the task of upgrading from duds to elite studs can feel very daunting. The early challenges and missions will reward you with some basic upgrades plus a fair amount of Ultimate Team coins, the primary currency you’ll use at the auction house or to buy packs.

Packs are a great way to supplement your roster early with superstar talent. Yes, of course, there’s risk involved as you’re playing the odds of getting a rarer player, but the payoffs can be so satisfying. Unsure what to buy first? That’s OK, coach, we’re here to help.

The best packs to purchase in Madden 23 Ultimate Team

We’ll start with the best packs to buy with Ultimate Team coins, then move on to the ones you’ll need to buy Ultimate Team Points for.

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Outside of the beginner packs for running and receiving, a great early pack to buy is the 16 Gold+ Players Bundle. It only costs a paltry 36,000 coins, and you have a good chance at getting at least one 80+ card amongst the Gold 70 to 79 cards you’ll receive, giving you a lot of key upgrades for your starting roster.

You’ll also want to target the Special Offers that become available as you level up. These are typically one-time-only deals on specific packs, but these are good value deals for packs like the Gameday Pack, the Pro Star Fantasy Pack, and the 74+ Jumbo Pack.

Screengrab via EA

The rest of the pack suggestions we have require the use of Madden Points, which you have to spend real money on. If this is the route you want to run, we suggest saving Points for one of the Special Offers that unlock after reaching a certain level. Packs like the Elite Starter Team Bundle, the Weekly Elite Fantasy pack, or the expensive but highly rewarding Pro Platinum Elite Bundle are what you want to target.

Packs aren’t everything, though. Completing challenges and buying and selling on the auction house can help you build a team in no time, too. But if you’re willing to spend money instead of time, then the pack store should be your primary destination.