Zz1tai, Clearlove, Pyl, and Kid weigh in on the World Championships

Note: Some of the responses didn't have interview questions. But you can figure out what they were fromthe answers. :P Interviewees today: LGD's jungler, TBQ. LGD's support, Pyl. EDG's jungler, Clearlove. iG's ADC, Kid.

Note: Some of the responses didn’t have interview questions. But you can figure out what they were from the answers. 😛

Interviewees today:

LGD’s jungler, TBQ.

LGD’s support, Pyl.

EDG’s jungler, Clearlove.

iG’s ADC, Kid.

iG’s top laner, Zz1tai.

EDG’s manager, Shan Shao.

Zz1tai: I didn’t know Rookie would dye his hair. When we first saw each other [after break], I was like–wow you dyed your hair red. And he was like–wow, you dyed your hair blue.

Clearlove: The strongest junglers are all in China. So this year, I’ve definitely had a lot of practice and improvements. If I prepare well, I think Season 5’s junglers will be around the same level playing field.

Pyl: I think before we made it [to Worlds], our strength was just poor. Every time we reached a crucial point in the game, we’d lose.

Pyl: The most liked cat is Doubi.

Kid: We won relegations, so we continued practicing against Korean players. They have a tendency to adapt quicker to the patch.

Zz1tai: After relegations, our president treated us out to eat.

What do you think about the international competition?

TBQ: I think their ability to set the tempo of the game–well, they’ve been watching our LPL matches, so I think they’ll try to copy a lot of what we do.

Zz1tai: We’re played against Ahq in scrims a lot and we know their strengths.

Pyl: I think KT will can give a lot of pressure. Looking at the the groups, I think I’m actually afraid of losing in the group stages. I don’t have clear way to rank the teams–I haven’t really thought about it.

Clearlove: China’s three teams all have a lot of potential and hope–iG, LGD, and EDG. I think Fnatic, SKT, and KT, Huya Tigers, CLG will all be a threat.

Kid: This patch for bot lane–everyone is pretty much on level playing field. It’ll depend who plays smarter, who plays more aggressive, and who plays better in team fights. To be honest, each person’s strength is relatively similar. Fnatic’s bot lane will be really strong–that’s my feeling.

Pyl: I hope this time we can win the World Championships. Because I’ve played so long, and I’ve only ever seen WE win. When I first started playing professionally, I watched them win, and I wanted to win too. I think the competition will be close this time. I hope we can win the championship.

Shan Shao: This year, the three LPL teams that are attending are stronger than any of the Chinese teams that have attended in the past. In the other seasons, there was always a star team–in S3, it was SKT. In S4, it was Samsung White. It was difficult for LPL teams to play against them. But this year, this situation is different. All three LPL teams have a chance to competing for the Championship win. They have the most hope this year. What are the chances of a Chinese team winning? At the least, I think it’s 25% chance.

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