Who is Alune in League of Legends?

The Weapon of the Faithful is forged by two souls becoming one.

As more champions are added to League of Legends, the lore of Runeterra expands immensely, allowing players to see how new and familiar faces interact with one another. Some new champions have close ties to characters that are not playable within the game, though their impact is felt when these champions step onto the Rift.

In 2019, a new AD carry joined the fray, different from any marksmen that had been playable in the game up to that point. Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful, brought new depth to the bot lane with five different weapons. This character was the first and only to have a completely different HUD from other champions. He also lacked an E ability, instead focusing on gun combinations that could change his playstyle in a matter of seconds.

Unlike other champions, Aphelios does not have any lines using his own voice. Instead, his sister Alune speaks for him. She uses her magic to project herself into the body of Aphelios, becoming one with him.

Image via Riot Games

According to Aphelios’ official lore, he and Alune, twin children of the Lunari who were celebrated as “children of destiny,” were separated often due to their roles within the faith being vastly different. While Aphelios used physical force to protect the Lunari, Alune focused on strengthening her magic as a seer, thus separating the siblings and bringing Aphelios an inner turmoil that often distracted him from his path.

As part of a Lunari ceremony, Aphelios followed the light of the moon, which led him to a small lake of rare noctum flowers. Drinking their nectar would give Aphelios greater access to the powers that stemmed from the moon’s light in the darkness. However, this act came at a cost, placing a toxin in Aphelios’ veins that removed all feeling from his body, including his ability to speak.

After an ambush from the Solari in their hike up Mount Targon to complete a destined ritual, Alune took herself and the sacred temple into the spirit realm, away from any harm the Solari would inflict. In doing so, Alune gained the power to project herself into her brother’s body, allowing the two to remain as one forever. This meant Alune could act as another pair of eyes to protect her brother on their journey.

When heading into battle, Aphelios drinks the poisonous flower nectar to not only gain the night’s power, but establish a stronger connection with Alune. This allows Alune to sense what Aphelios needs at all times, giving him access to his diverse array of weapons. According to Aphelios’ champion insight, this bond also comes at the cost of the two sharing one soul, and thus their thoughts as well, bringing internal strife each time the twins seek to combine their power.

It is not likely that Alune will ever be playable in League given she and Aphelios are essentially playable simultaneously at all times. Without Alune’s help, Aphelios wouldn’t become the unstoppable Lunari warrior he has become, potentially bringing the Lunari closer to gaining control over the Solari’s hold on Mount Targon.

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