Tyler1 dies three times in under 40 seconds while playing URF

Welcome back to Ultra-Rapid Fire.

Screengrab via Tyler1 Twitch Channel

Almost everyone who’s played League of Legends‘ Ultra-Rapid Fire has had that moment where they question why they’re even playing it after getting absolutely obliterated by an enemy champion. Add Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp to that list.

Only six minutes into a recent match, Tyler1 already had six deaths to his name. After deciding to ditch mid lane after dying, he launched himself into the top lane, where he was popped instantly by the enemy Katarina and Lee Sin.

Having died in both mid and top in less than 18 seconds, he launched himself down in the bottom lane next—as expected, he died again to the opposing Jhin and Ezreal. After feeding a kill in each lane in under 40 seconds, Tyler told his team to open mid in his classic, misspelled fashion.

Tyler1 even asked his chat why they were playing this mode, although it seemed more like he was asking himself. Granted, he kept diving right in front of the enemy champions and killing himself, so there isn’t anyone to blame but himself.

Still, it was a hilarious example of how one-sided URF can seem to be, especially if you get behind early in a game. You can play the popular mode from now until Friday, Nov. 8—that’s when Riot will shelve it once again, until the next big event occurs.