TSM opens applications for its new Amateur League of Legends scouting program

Another LCS organization has opened its doors to new, amateur talent.

Photo via Riot Games

If you’re an aspiring League of Legends pro, then today might be your lucky day. TSM is opening a new scouting program for amateur League players from across North America, the organization announced today.

The scouting combine was made as a set of amateur NA in-houses where players can gain experience in a more team-oriented setting. The tryouts are limited to players above Diamond I, but there isn’t an age restriction.

The application form is now open, where players will specify their current rank in solo queue, their peak rank from season 10 and up, their roles, their English fluency, and any previous competitive experience that they might have. This is a great initiative that will provide another path to pro for any budding esports players looking to make a name for themselves.

It’s been hard for amateur NA players to gain any exposure in the past since there weren’t many well-known tournaments featured by Riot Games, other than the NA Academy and Collegiate tournaments. Recently, however, more teams have started to open up amateur-level rosters, such as Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, and 100 Thieves’ own amateur program, 100 Next. The new age of League in NA has finally started and TSM has provided yet another venue for players to start their climb to pro status.

If you want to try out for TSM’s amateur roster or show off your skills on a bigger stage than just the ranked ladder, you can apply to join the TSM solo queue in-houses here.

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