Riot’s practice tool will be going live soon in specific regions

The highly-anticipated practice tool will be available in specific regions relatively soon.

Image via Riot Games

The highly-anticipated League of Legends practice tool is finally starting to come out, with the Oceanic region being the first to get their hands on the long-awaited mode.

Riot went into great detail to explain everything that players can expect from the practice tool. “At its core, the practice tool is a place where you can train your mechanics,” Riot said. “It’s the training gym where you can go to brush up on your level one last hitting, that early jungle gank route or your Riven mechanics; a simple, straight forward, single-player environment that lets you test out things like checking wall flash points or if you can solo dragon with a certain item build, without wasting hours in custom games.”

Additionally, Riot stated that it put an emphasis on the following areas in this excellent tool for players of all skill levels:

  • Champion mechanics and combos
  • Jungle practise
  • Endless last hitting
  • Item build DPS checks
  • Map familiarity (ward placement, wall flashes, etc)”

Riot continued by explaining what commands are available in this practice mode, as well as how they can be used. Finally, Riot concluded its post by saying, “The doors to the practice tool training gym will be open soon.”

For more information on the practice tool, check out the link here.

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Image via Riot Games