Mid-season LCS player stats

The end of Week 5 marks the milestone ofeach team in the LCS having played atleast 1 match against all the other teamsin their respective region.

The end of Week 5 marks the milestone of each team in the LCS having played atleast 1 match against all the other teams in their respective region.  With teams becoming more and more defined in their regional rankings, here is a general statistic on all the players to have played in 2015’s split. 

Page 1 – EU LCS

Page 2 – NA LCS

Page 3 – LCS Leaders

Teams are listed based on their current standings with players listed appropriately from the top lane to bottom lane. If a team have used a sub their most recently used player are listed first. Avg Score may not be totally indicative of the player’s KDA due to rounding numbers to the closest whole number for a more realistic depiction of a player’s in-game score. 

Some Thoughts

  • Unsurprisingly, SK Gaming’s Forg1ven is head and shoulders above almost everyone else in KDA, GPM and CSPM despite having played 10 games which speaks volume to the AD Carry’s superb skills and consistency.
  • FNC ReignOver has the highest GPM of all Junglers in both the EU and NA LCS. In fact his GPM is higher than over 40% of all Solo Laners in the entirely of 2015’s LCS. 
  • The undisputed carrys of Copenhagen Wolves; Soren and Freeze has displayed an impeccable performance in being able to carry a team that observers otherwise thought was a bottom tier team to tied 3rd place in the EU LCS. 
  • Though starting off the EU LCS 0-2, with the addition of kaSing, H2k has climbed themselves to the top half of the EU LCS beating teams like SK Gaming and Elements. All of their players with the unfortunate exception of the recently replaced Voidle has put up strong numbers in particular their bottom lane. 
  • On the other side of the barrel, the teams most observers expected to be amongst the strongest (Roccat and Elements) are sitting disappointedly with a 4-6 record. The carrys of Elements in particular has put up strong numbers with medium to high KDAs, CSPM and GPM unfortunately this has yet to translate into a victory at a rate expected of them. 




Some other Thoughts

  • Team SoloMid has always been a team to overpower weak laners and decisively crush them in teamfights. All of their players have high GPMs with Santorin and Dyrus having significantly less KDA which is expected in a team that starts brawls often.   Lustboy’s play in particular cannot be overstated enough. Having amongst the highest KDA and Kill Participation in the LCS with the second highest GPM for supports after YellOwStaR, TSM’s Lustboy is rapidly establishing himself as a top tier Western support and one of the most, if not the most successful of the Korean imports. 
  • The “Golden Age” of Counter Logic Gaming marks some solid performances for all their players. Doublelift has the second highest CS per minute in all of the LCS which may account for his rather low kill participation. 
  • Though currently third in the NA LCS, Cloud 9’s Hai has amongst the lowest GPM and low stats in general for mid laners. Fortunately he makes up for it with shot calling and the ever reliable Sneaky to pull themselves to a decent placing after looking poor in the first few weeks of the LCS. 
  • Dignitas seems to be stuck with the same formula they had in the previous split which was having strong solo laners but average everything else. Admittedly the team’s overall level of skill seems to have improved in particular KiWiKiD, but their strategic level of play is quite clearly lacking. 


LCS Leaders 

This is a ranking of the top 5 players in the selected category of both the EU and NA LCS. Players must have played for at least 4 games to be eligible.