LS says League ‘solo queue at high MMR is dying because there’s no collaborative content possible’

The former League caster shared his perspective on the current problems in solo queue.

Photo via Riot Games

League of Legends solo queue is a topic that’s been the main point of many players’ discussions. People complain about it a lot and the scope of the criticism is wide, from poor matchmaking to long queue times.

And now, popular former League caster LS has decided to put his two cents into the conversation. 

Solo queue at high MMR is dying because there’s no collaborative content possible and pro players can’t play with each other,” LS said during one of his recent streams with Nemesis. “They can’t stream, can’t make content, and all this other type of stuff.”

In his eyes, no collaboration between pro players has a devastating effect on the solo queue ecosystem. Only a few content creators who aren’t pro, such as T1’s Tyler1, are able to gather massive audiences during high MMR solo queue streams.

“When Tyler1 is not online on Twitch, the League category is dead, for solo queue, pretty much,” LS said. “There’s very little high MMR solo queue players playing the game right now.”

In his opinion, such a state of the upper ranking of League’s solo queue is problematic—and many people in the community find it hard to disagree. In North America alone, queuing for the game itself takes a great amount of time at high MMR and many pros frequently complain about high ping. 

With so many gripes and negative comments, it seems like the problem is growing. Riot Games will have to try to look for new solutions if the company wants to keep its best players captivated. But it seems like Riot is focused on other issues right now, such as toxicity in solo queue

And if you’re wondering about whether turning to flex queue is a sensible solution for players, you shouldn’t. LS and Nemesis agree that it’s not the answer.