10 bans, item sets, and more are coming to League of Legends tomorrow in Patch 7.11

New features just keep coming for League's updated client.

Image via Riot Games

Lots of features are hitting the League of Legends game client tomorrow, including the long anticipated 10 bans to draft game modes and the item set creator tool, according to the official patch notes.

We’ll finally be able to ban Yasuo more than once to make absolutely sure he won’t be in the game

We’ve known for a couple of weeks that the 10 ban system was arriving with Patch 7.11, so let’s recap what exactly is going to change. For starters, it’s not going to be what you’d expect. It isn’t going to be like the six-player ban phase we have now, just with four more bans. The format is being changed entirely.

All players on both teams will be banning champions at the exact same time, and your team’s bans will be hidden from the enemy team, and vice versa. This means that there can be duplicate bans, so you’ll have to predict what you think the enemy team will ban based on the current meta so you don’t waste a ban yourself. During the banning phase, you will be able to both hover who you’re planning to ban and who you’re planning to pick, so your team can coordinate bans based on each other’s plans. This style of draft was ultimate decided to be the best option to maintain fairness, to make all players’ decisions feel impactful, and to avoid making the pregame phase take too much time.

Forgetful people rejoice, item sets are back

That’s right, the item set creator tool is making its triumphant return in tomorrow’s patch. The feature is perfect for folks that forget the countless possibilities for situational item builds. This way, you’ll be able to save them all to appear in your shop once you’ve loaded into the game. You can remind yourself when to build items, which items to build, which champions to build them on, and when to deviate from the path for unique situations. If you want to remind yourself to try out that Infinity Edge on Janna later in the day, this would be the perfect way to do that, although we’re not sure how you could forget the insane idea to build Infinity Edge on Janna.

The Recently Played list is returning

Another feature that has been notably missing since the client update has been the Recently Played list. This list showed you all the players from the last game that were both on your team and the enemy team, so if you disliked any of them in particular, you could add them to your friends list and harass them via direct messages until they eventually block you, you jerk. Don’t worry, though, the feature is returning tomorrow as well, and there are a few improvements. If you liked any of the players, you’ll be able to drag them directly from this list into your lobby to send them an instant invite.

These hefty changes in Patch 7.11 are only the beginning. Riot’s list of future plans and projects for the new game client is very long, so there should be a steady stream of improvements as the season continues.