League’s Rebel becomes a mobster in this fan-made Crime City Xayah skin

Power, murder, and crime will surely make an “ordinary girl with an infinite supply of death quills” happy.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends fan has transported Xayah into the Crime City Nightmare alternate universe with a new look for the ADC. 

User Harimii shared their take on the Crime City Nightmare skin line featuring the Rebel. In this alternate universe Xayah takes on the role of the mobster desperate for power and chaos. There are officially 12 League champions who have a part in the Crime City universe, including the latest additions to the line, Akali, Twisted Fate, and Zyra.

r/leagueoflegends - Crime City Nightmare Xayah (fan skin)
Image via Harimii on Reddit

The skin is part of the Inktober challenge, a month-long framework with the objective of helping artists “develop positive drawing habits,” according to the official Inktober website. 

With a white suit, long cape and feather-like eyes, Xayah fits perfectly with League’s Crime City theme. According to her lore, she fights to protect her tribe and would “cut down anyone who stands in her way.” We could imagine her approaching ancient evil creatures in her thirst for power to restore her clan to its former glory. One of her in-game quotes cites “they’ll probably label me a war criminal one day, but not today.” Maybe her time has come.

This interpretation of the feathered ADC is missing only one thing: her charming companion. Rakan does not make an appearance in Harimii’s interpretation of the Crime City skins, but we could imagine him standing next to his lover while wearing a bright-colored boa and smoking a cigar.

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