League player masterfully launches Shaco box at enemy using Blast Cone to snag a kill

"The joke's on you."

Image via Riot Games

One League of Legends player certainly has some tricks up their sleeve.

The player posted a stellar Shaco play on Reddit earlier today, weaving in and out of harm’s way with the Demon Jester’s abilities. The video reached a crescendo when the player used a Blast Cone to propel a Jack in the Box (W) at an enemy and claim a kill.

The Shaco first set up some boxes in a bush near the opposing team’s Raptors. They also sent their clone as a decoy to deal tons of damage to Evelynn. The player made a risky play to try and finish off the Agony’s Embrace, but she got away with a Karma shield. This left the Shaco in enemy territory with opponents drawing near.

Instead of running away, however, Shaco baited the Talon and quickly chunked him to snag a kill. The player then Deceived (Q) away to safety while the Karma backed in a warded bush. The Shaco player patiently waited before launching a box at Karma with a Blast Cone, fearing her and finishing her off with a Backstab.

The Shaco and their team went on to win the match shortly after.

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