League of Legends streamer gets destroyed by support 3 levels lower

League sometimes feel unfair.

Image via Riot Games

It’s often tough to lose an early lead in League of Legends unless you make some foolish mistakes. The devs are constantly working on balancing Summoner’s Rift to appease players, but nothing is ever perfect.

An eyebrow-raising situation that sums up how balanced the game is at the moment happened in one of xFSN Saber’s matches.

The League streamer and his team found themselves on the losing end of a team fight at the 32-minute mark. At that point of the game, xFSN Saber, who was a level 16 Jhin, was the only player left alive on his team.

He moved towards the mid lane, but once he arrived, he noticed the enemy Blitzcrank coming straight for him with Overdrive (W). The support was three levels behind Jhin, so he should have realistically been able to take him out. But not everything went to plan for the streamer.

He hit Blitzcrank with a basic attack, which was closely followed by Captive Audience (E). The attack healed Jhin back to 1,596 health, which was a little over 82 percent of his total health. But he wasn’t safe..

Once Blitzcrank had closed the gap, he launched all of his attacks at Jhin, sending him to his demise. The champion knocked up xFSN Saber with Power Fist (E), stunned him with Rocket Grab (Q), and finished him off with Static Field (R). He also weaved in a couple of basic attacks for extra damage. The combo was enough to finish off Jhin.

Thanks to op.gg, we can confirm the streamer lost the game a few minutes later.

So remember, regardless of how big the level gap is, always respect your enemies in League, especially when you’re playing a squishy AD carry.

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